Quick Steps to Creating Memes

Quick Steps to Creating Memes

If you are on social media, you are already familiar with Internet memes. For those who are new, a meme refers to a funny picture that is meant to go viral online. Memes are interesting and appealing because they can come in different forms but in most cases, memes take in the form of illustrations and photos embellished with witty text.

You read many memes but you want to create your own. To help you get started, here are the quick steps to creating memes:

Step 1: Research

If you want to stand out, you should do your research at the onset. It is a good practice to check around and study the memes that have gone viral. By looking and studying memes that have gone viral, you can draw inspiration. The good news is that there are websites that collect memes so you should take advantage of it.

Aside from checking meme websites, you should also keep an eye on trends or current events from pop culture to the news. In the end, these things could be a big source of inspiration. You can start with social media channels as well.

Step 2: Compose

The next thing that you should do is to choose the subject that you can relate to so you can start composing the content. When composing the content, always remember to keep it short and simple and then find the right way to convey or express the emotion. In the end, you have to make sure that your visuals match what expression you want to portray or convey.

Step 3: Find tools

You should find tools to create memes. For instance, if you are creating a photo meme, it is wise to fetch Photoshop. Otherwise, you can consider meme-generator websites like crear memes. In the case of meme-generator sites, they will let you upload your pictures if you want to use it as background. More importantly, after choosing, you should install photo apps directly on your smartphone so you can add text to images on the go.

Step 4: Create it

If you considered meme-generator sites, creating memes is easy because of the simple UI (User Interface). There are free meme-generator sites and that is a good place to start. However, if you need more than basic items, it is time that you pay the services of a meme-generator site.

Why would you create an Internet meme?

Memes are not pointless. Here are some reasons why memes could be worth your time to create:

  • To make a political statement: if you want to make a political statement in a fun but influential way, memes could be used. Remember that memes with attached political humor can virally spread awareness of a specific issue. In the end, it can help bridge the gap between growing prejudices and attitudes.
  • To promote awareness: if you want to draw attention to current issues and events, memes are the best way to portray your messages across. Whatever cause you want to support, memes can give you a boost so people around will be more aware of current events and issues.
  • To make money: you should be aware that you could make money from memes. It is highly possible to convert your memes into a lucrative income through advertising and syndication. Many advertisers these days enjoy the products of creating memes.

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