Dapper Ideas on Instagram Posts to Try in 2020

Dapper Ideas on Instagram Posts to Try in 2020

It is no more an alienated thought, that Instagram is currently the leading social media platform, with a whopping 1 billion+ active users in it. These statistics amount to a great opportunity for marketers and businesses to get in touch with their potential customers.

However, Instagram is not only limited to being a mere media-sharing platform any longer. The Facebook-owned app is now a platform for people to explore myriad new products, fill their carts and connect with the brands that they love. But there’s no denying of the fact that currently, the app is encountering various competitions on its platform and is has somehow become challenging to stand abreast.

Thus, here’s a roundup of some excellent Instagram post ideas that can help you take your Instagram game a notch higher.


This is by far one of the most efficacious content types which work on a majority of platforms. You can use this post to assist your audience to go about product usage. The post can also be about creative ways to use the products.

For those of you in food and beverage niches, you can use this post in the form of recipes. For the beauty domains, this can be used in the form of product tutorials. Find your own ‘how-to-content’ to focus on the audience and identify what is gripping their attention.

Creating a Buzz

These kinds of posts are generally used to create a noise regarding your soon-to-launch products and events. You can roll out an idea of the product that you are about to launch through an image, sans revealing too much about the product. You can have your audience to guess the type of product. This would also help fetch your more Instagram likes and threads of comments on the post.

High-Resolution Photographs

Irrespective of how many innovative tactics you experiment with your Instagram posts, you can never really ignore the importance of photographs. Visually-attractive and high-resolution photographs attract the audience and grip their interest in browsing through your content. This kind of post is great at standing ahead of other posts on a user’s timeline and instantly garners attention.

Product Showcasing

There’s a large number of people who sign into Instagram to explore new products and shop them. Instagram has crept into a mainstream retail channel and no more a social platform that shares photos.

This is the prime reason as to why most businesses are now using Instagram to get their products displayed and even earn leads and Instagram followers. The unique Shoppable Posts feature rolled out by Instagram turns this even more powerful and interesting, and besides hooking the attention of people, you can also direct them to the webpage and purchase the product.

Puzzles and Pop Quizzes

If you simply aim to fetch comments and likes on your posts, then there’s nothing more viable than to ask questions to your audience. Quizzes work wonders not only because they get your audience hooked but also lure them to share their feedback and response.

The same is applicable for puzzles as they trigger curiosity amongst people to find and respond with the answer. The feeling of competitiveness that it incites in people is what makes these posts truly efficacious.

These are some of the truly exciting and great Instagram post ideas, that you can give a try in 2020. You can also combine these to remodel your Instagram feed and garner more Instagram followers and engagement.

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