Healthy and Toxic Love: 3 Main Differences

Healthy and Toxic Love: 3 Main Differences

They say to each their own, and in relationships, certain toxicity is tolerated without anyone being wiser. Even when couples persevere in such relationships, they may not understand the exact nature of the depravity. It takes outsiders to point out faults, some that might be fatal, for those in relationships to take note of.

If you happen to be in a toxic relationship, it is wise to seek counseling. Time heals wounds, but the longer you stay in such unions, the worse it gets. After meeting on Mexican dating sites, marriage can be blissful. Ladies hoping for a union are bound to be wife material, but for the ladies, there is a chance of meeting the wrong man. This can be countered if one knows they have fallen into a trap filled with toxicity.

What Makes a Good Relationship

Decent relationships come about when both parties are in sync regarding the future, how to handle ups and downs, and dealing with such tension. When tensions flare and both parties place blame, Mexican dating sites marriages can end up in contention. So what are the 3 main differences between toxic and healthy marriages?


If your union or Mexican dating sites marriage experiences compassion, you are lucky. It means your partner walks in your shoes, understands what you are experiencing, and offers help. For instance, if a family member is an alcoholic, they will not judge. They might even offer to help, perhaps get the member some counseling.

Alternatively, if the relationship is built on toxic love, partners will place blame. As opposed to offering help, a spouse or boyfriend might place blame on your family, perhaps calling out the sufferer for being weak. They might even call them names, showing bias and stigma. These forms of toxic love never end well and can lead to tension between the extended family too.

Freedom of Expression

Some couples engage in threesomes, others call their unions open, and some become a throuple. Although these are rare types of relationships, the point is clear. With freedom in relationships comes happiness. If one partner feels a need to have a girlfriends’ night out, so be it. If the guy needs to let loose with the boys, he is free to do so. When both parties give each other space, it is a healthy union.

However, toxic relationships are based on control. Narcissism becomes the determinant in everything. Where you go, what you eat, whom you meet, and even who gets to call you becomes an issue. These issues become fatal at times when a partner decides to stalk you or keep tabs on every move you make. It is unhealthy to be in a relationship where one is tip-toeing and walking on eggshells.

Emotional Abuse

Being made to feel guilty regarding one’s past is a no-no, and toxic. Constantly being reminded about the time you cheated, how you wasted money on a bum project, and so forth is annoying. This toxicity can grow to become a daily practice. Your partner might mention these things simply to start a fight, or use it are a defense mechanism. Any time you argue, they bring it up to neutralize the situation, because they are not winning the fight.

In healthy relationships, no one uses the past as a weapon. Dire situations require teamwork. It means you both have to work on fixing issues, rather than placing blame on others. Most importantly, healthy relationships never bring up the past. It remains in the past and truly loving someone means you don’t want to see them hurt.

Keep tabs on these three toxic methods used by partners to make their girlfriends and boyfriends hurt. It might save your relationship from making the news.

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